Kigali City A Hub of Rwanda Tours 2023 – 24


Kigali is the capital and largest city of Rwanda, located geographically in the heart of the country and one of Africa’s/ World’s cleanest cities. The city offers a remarkable mix of rural and urban town overflowing on contrasting hilly terrain. The capital is the starting point for most holiday tours to Rwanda.

The tour offers you an authentic outlook of Kigali which hosts some of the “thousand hills” in Rwanda. You can take this tour as part of your Rwanda safaris like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, Rwanda cultural tour or Rwanda birding safari where you can add one day Kigali city tour or half day city tour.

The Kigali City Tour begins as a historic journey through the city with a guided tour from the first modern building from which the capital city was first founded, to the rapidly growing neighbourhoods that are changing the face of the city.

Visit the Genocide Memorial site, a grim reminder of a senseless massacre of innocent’s lives in 1994. The memorial is an exhibition on the history of genocide in Rwanda, a children’s memorial exhibition. Learn about Rwanda’s history from pre – colonial times to the 1994 genocide; learn about other genocides in the world and how Rwanda has dealt with that past. The large memorial garden contains 10 mass graves where families and visitors may pay their respects.

You will visit Kandt house or museum of natural history where Dr. Richard Kandt the first German colonial resident of Rwanda resided. His residence at the base of Mount Jali and Mount Kigali in the heart of the city is now the Natural History Museum in honor of his work, and is one of the stops on the tour. This can take about 01 hour in total depending on how you engage the museum guide about what you are learning about Kigali and Rwanda in general.

Visit the presidential museum which is the residence of two of the former Presidents of Rwanda, here you will have an opportunity to learn a bit about the political history of Rwanda.

Visit the craft centres where you are able to purchase souvenirs from your stay in Rwanda in turn supporting families of the women involved in making the items. Lunch will be at a local restaurant where you will have a taste of Rwandan traditional food. You are free to choose a cosmopolitan restaurant for a more diverse menu.

Find the time to interact with the artisans of the Inema Art Centre. This pivotal contemporary art gallery in Kigali boasts colourful paintings and sculptures and is the ideal place to revel in colourful dance and musical performances.


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