Kenya Safari Vs. Tanzania Safari Holidays


Although both Kenya and Tanzania host the great migration phenomenon, Serengeti National Park is nearly ten times bigger than the Mara and is home to more diverse habitats. This means that wildlife densities in the Masai Mara are better because it is smaller. So, if you only have a few days for safari then you will probably see more in Maasai Mara. In the Serengeti the wildlife is more spread out. This is great if you are planning a 2-weeks safari, but not so good if you’re in a rush. Serengeti holidays need to be planned on a longer stay for you to maximize it fully.

Maasai Mara is a home to the Maasai tribes people making it a favorable destination to those interested in African culture. Travelers will give Maasai Mara a first priority safari destination since one is able to check out the African culture which is not the case to Serengeti national park.

Comparing lodges in both parks, Serengeti has got many luxury lodges than Maasai Mara making it more expensive. This still makes Maasai Mara cheaper and gives it advantage of getting more travelers than Serengeti National Park. This will always pave way for those travelers who move on budget, luxury or mid-range to take a Kenya safari as they would wish. Never the less both countries have plenty of lodges so you can never go wrong if you are planning to take a visit in these two countries.

Tanzania being home to the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO-listed reserve in which some of Africa’s highest densities of wildlife live within a volcanic crater. It adjoins the Serengeti National Park and also sees the Great Migration take place. Making it a reason enough to visit Tanzania on its own, being one of the best places in the world for a safari than going to Kenya’s national parks.

In terms of transport, the links are so far good, particularly in terms of airports, are crucial. In this respect, both Kenya and Tanzania are very accessible. Kenya has six international airports, including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kisumu International Airport and Eldoret International Airport. Tanzania has three international airports. Kilimanjaro International Airport is the one most used by tourists, as it is close to the main national parks. Whilst Julius Nyerere International Airport serves Dar es Salaam, on the coast. Air fares to Kenya tend to be a bit cheaper due to the wider availability of options driving down prices

The main differences start when it comes to getting around the two countries. Kenya is a significantly wealthier nation than Tanzania, and as such it has a better transport and tourism infrastructure. There are more hotels, it is easier to exchange foreign currency, and train services are much quicker and more reliable. The roads are also better in Kenya.

Kenya is generally the better option for budget-conscious travelers to East Africa. This is because Kenya has many flights, lodges, camps bringing in competition which drives down the prices hence favouring budget travelers than Tanzania. This will depend on the timing of your safari, if you plan in the peak season then it may not work out for your budget travel. It will best work in the low season.

It is also important to consider that Tanzania is bigger than Kenya, and its national parks and reserves are more spread out. So, fuel costs and the use of internal flights to get around the country can also push up prices. If you are looking at reducing the fuel costs on you travel to these two countries, you will probably go with Kenya.

Both countries have got plenty of beach life. Kenya and Tanzania are both great options for beach breaks. Mombasa is Kenya’s best option, and Zanzibar is where you can chill while in Tanzania. Generally, Tanzania is quieter but less developed, and with fewer luxury resorts. For those interested in a luxury stay will probably book for Kenya beaches.

There are similarities between Kenyan and Tanzanian cuisine. Ugali is a dough made from cornmeal that is a staple in both countries. Coconut milk and coconut rice are also used in a lot of dishes along the coast in both countries.

The main difference between Kenya and Tanzania in terms of food is that spices play a much more important role in Tanzanian cooking. There is a large second-generation population of Indians in Tanzania which has influenced the country’s culture and since the spices are produced from the country itself Zanzibar in particular. Be aware to enjoy a popular curry dish while on your safari here.

The wild in Serengeti National Park and the unique Ngorongoro Crater gives Tanzania the wildlife edge. These are some of the largest wild places left on Earth and there is something incredibly special about them. However, this is also true of Kenya’s Masai Mara. And you’ll be able to spot the Big Five and see the Great Migration in both countries if you travel at the right time of year.


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