Rent a 4×4 Car in Uganda with an Amazing Driver

Selfdrive Uganda

This option is great for road trippers who do not fancy driving themselves, and prefer a relaxed experience or want to discover more about the local culture and wildlife in Uganda. All the drivers speak English and are experienced tour guides.

Your driver will get you to your next destination safely. He is responsible for the well-being of the car. With his guidance you do game drives in the safari parks. He as well knows the best places to go for a lunch-break.

When you need fine-tuning your itinerary along the way and recommendation of nice campsites and lodges to stay on your travels in Uganda don’t hesitate to ask for his help.

The drivers are ready to share their knowledge about Uganda, so ask him anything and you return home with a deeper understanding of this amazing nation in East Africa. Drivers are knowledgeable, flexible, make you feel safe and in good hands as you tour around.

The secret to a great safari lies not only in your itinerary, the lodges selected or season of travel but also a successful Uganda car rental safari lies in the skills, passion, commitment, and competency of your driver-guide.

We employ very Knowledgeable and resourceful Driver guides. Each one is meant to give his best on every safari to ensure that you receive unmatched safari experience.

We are ready for all clients who prefer to sit back and let a Ugandan navigate the windy roads and bumpy roads. This makes it easier and interesting for you to see our country.

Our driver guides make great company and the best out of your trip. They are available at a fee of US$ 40 per day to cater for their personal daily allowances like food and accommodation.

These drivers know which “right button to press” when it comes to adventure. We draft a customized itinerary that suits exactly your preferred destinations.

You see beautiful landscapes and animals, people, their culture and the pretty scenery. Self-drive in Uganda requires the complete attention meaning that sometimes you can miss some of the wildlife and incredible sceneries if you are the driver.

Our team is more than happy to arrange and handle everything from day one till the end of the tour. You do not have to stress making payments at every point during your car rental safari or self-drive road trip in Uganda.

Permits, accommodations, park entrance fees, activity fees, boat cruise bookings as detailed in the package, we definitely handle everything. We ensure that most things are prepaid. The only task for you is to enjoy the trip.


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