Best 10 Gorilla and Wildebeest Migration in East Africa

Kenya tour

Are planning to go gorilla safari in Africa? It is either you visit Rwanda or Uganda. We are African travel company always offering the suitable and best gorilla migration safari in Africa, you will head to Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park one of the best national parks to encounter mountain gorillas in Africa. After this experience fly to Kenya’s Masaai Mara that will reward you with the best wildebeest migration safari phenomenon and the best time to go is between July to October which is the best time for the dramatic crossing from Serengeti to Mara.

Alternatively, Uganda’s Bwindi Forest National Park will also give you the best gorilla Tanzania safari encounters in Serengeti national park for the best wildebeest encounter. The two scenarios will all give you the best and everlasting memories in Africa.

This means that while you have the plans to visit Africa for gorilla and wildebeest encounters, you will have a great opportunity to explore Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. You have the chance to choose where to start and end your safari.

For Kenya’s Masaai Mara, expect the best in the right season. This must-see for every safari goer has been built up over decades and rests on two chief elements: the ease of spotting game and the Great Wildebeest Migration. The game is easy to find here not only because its numbers are rising to successful conservation measures but also because the landscape is flat and open, allowing you to scan the horizon for a tell-tale ‘lump’ or shadow that turns out to be anything from a topi to a cheetah.

You will be able to see the land with villages and you will see herders taking their impressive herds of Maasai cattle to drink. This is because the land belongs to the Masaai people. You will enjoy seeing ‘warriors’ dressed in their traditional red finery, happily chatting on mobile phones and ready to associate with you. The reserve offers a more exclusive and private game-viewing experience than the reserve and is worth considering if you are a keen photographer or any safari-goer.

For the great wildebeest migration, book in advance as early as possible since there is limited accommodation and it goes fast and accept that the wildebeest might have other plans. Sometimes they reach the river and mingle for days, keeping guests on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the moment when they finally cross.

During the Mara crossing, if you are fainthearted about drowning, broken legs, plenty of anguished bellowing and crocodiles literally making a killing in the bloody water, then think twice about whether this is a phenomenon you really want to see.

You can also join a mobile camp that changes its location based on what the herds are doing. Although you will give up luxuries like Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and air conditioning, you will gain proximity and be in the thick of the action the Migration always attracts large numbers of predators who take advantage of the ample prey meaning you will be at full disposal of the predators.

You can also choose to witness the migration phenomenon in the sky using the hot air balloon. It is a classic way of seeing the Masai Mara and appreciating its sheer size and beauty. You will rise before dawn and take off at sunrise to enjoy the ‘spotted land’ coming to life, floating over forest, savannah and nocturnal game like spring hares dashing back to the safety of their dens before daylight.

For Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, expect to have the best gorilla encounters since Rwanda is one of the best places to see gorillas in Africa. Volcanoes National Park offers thrilling adventures: from wildlife encounters with mountain gorillas and golden monkeys to tackling the Dian Fossey trek.

The credibility of a gorilla trek in Africa is proved by millions of travelers who flock gorilla destinations every day to have a face-to-face encounter with the gentle and incredible mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

You will have an early morning breakfast and transfer from the hotel/lodge to the headquarters of the respective national park for a simple briefing at as early as 7:00am. You will be introduced to the dos and don’ts to ensure safety while with the endangered species. Still there, you will be joined in groups of eight people and then allocated a particular gorilla family. only 8 visitors are assigned to track one family each day out of the ten families set for tourism.

You will be required to book in advance of not less than six months by paying for the gorilla permit of $1500. This is because the there is a limited number of permits which may get finished before you acquire one for yourself.  Once this is secured, you will also go ahead to secure the lodge to be fully ready for the trek. While in the park, don’t miss out the hike to Dian Fossey’s grave where the gorilla conservationist was put to rest after being killed by the poachers.

For Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, expect to have a fantastic migration phenomenon. Every year, Serengeti witnesses the iconic Wildebeest migration. This usually commences during December from the Ngorongoro region of Southern Serengeti. Since these areas have rich grasslands, the wildebeest flock here for food. It is an excellent attraction for tourists, and although many assume this to be intense and short-lived, in reality, it is a slow trek.

The migration safari based on our ecotours Tanzania takes place in search for food and water at the new destination where they are leading to. The river crossing will accommodate many things including the infested crocodile waiting eagerly for the next meal as well as the predators around the river banks waiting for the same meal.

You can also choose to take the air balloon safari which will give you the best views of the phenomenon while in the sky.   You will rise before dawn and take off at sunrise to enjoy the nocturnal family which will be rushing to take a rest before its daytime. This will as well give the best views of the migration and then after reward with a bush breakfast then head back to lodge for resting. As if that is not enough, you are at liberty to go for a game drive.

For Uganda’s Bwindi national park, expect to get the best gorilla encounters. You can either start this safari from Rwanda to shorten on the distances which will take you a maximum of 4 hours to reach Bwindi or start it from Entebbe airport which will take between 7 to 8hours to reach the park.

You will have to book your safari in advance six months before the final day at $800per person as well as the lodges where you will sleep. This is done to avoid disappointment since the permits are limited. This gives ample time to prepare well for the safari.

You will follow your guide to the location of the trackers. So, before you even set off in the morning, the guides already know where the gorillas are, as the trackers will have told them as much. Because of this, the chances of spotting wild gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest are very high. Safari companies will say there is a 99% chance of seeing them. During the briefing, they will say 80% of what to expect and put in consideration while on the trek. With almost half of the gorilla population in Uganda, you will be amazed to share that one hour with them in their natural habitats.


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