Newspapers have relatively low circulation rates, due to high newspaper prices and low literacy rates. Among the most highly circulated newspapers are state controlled dailies, such as Noticias and Diario de Mozambique, and the weekly Domingo.

Their circulation is mostly confined to Maputo. Most funding and advertising revenue is given to pro-government newspapers. However the number of private newspapers with critical views of the government has increased significantly in recent years.

Radio programmes are the most influential form of media in the country due to their ease of access. State-owned radio stations are more popular than privately owned media.

This is exemplified by the government radio station, Radio Mocambique, the most popular station in the country. It was established shortly after Mozambique’s independence.

The T.V. stations watched by Mozambicans are STV, TIM, and TVM Televisão Moçambique. Through cable and satellite, viewers can access tens of other African, Asian, Brazilian, and European channels.