Rent All-Terrain 4×4 Expedition Vehicles in Africa

Africa is branded with a range of varying landscape that stretches from the rigid alpines, extending on the Arabian sand dunes running through the African open Savannah to the like of the rolling amazon tropics. It’s sometimes difficult for anyone to connect around to any with just any vehicle around through such terrain and one should master not just a 4×4 but a stronger 4×4 vehicle that can maneuver any challenging terrains.

In the struggle to boost connectivity within African states a number of highways have been developed that link up a number of countries and easing state network by road, today the total length of 9 highways across the African continent cover a distance of 56,683km (35,221 mi).

However, road network is still a challenge across several countries in African. And driving through to even the remote reaches which are mainly the tourist destinations needs all terrain customized vehicle which can cruise through the dramatic, holey, slippery, rocky and bumpy roads which are spread throughout all tourist reaches.

List of All-Terrain 4×4 Expedition

Opting for a road trip safari in Uganda and other of the African countries! You got to check through the list of all terrain 4×4 expedition vehicles. Don’t get stuck choosing which best vehicle to use driving through varying landscapes of Africa. Among the fleets include the overland, jeeps that ensure not to surrender to any difficult terrains. There is quite a longer list of fleets that all-terrain 4×4 vehicle but those that have proved a life in all African terrains particularly for safaris are numbered.


These are super safari cruiser that are customized to cater for African safaris routes. The overland are not common fleets across Africa, but Southern African operators have availed the overland to enable quite larger number of tourists have a rich to remote areas. There are camper overland and passenger overland, but these fleets are not available for self-drive safaris rather when traveling in large number and need to rent a 4×4 that can accommodate up to 20 travelers. Overland are designed to operate in all terrains which ensure a continuity of the safari without embarrassment of road situations.

Land Rover Defender

This is an all-time drive vehicle, the Land Rover Defender is a more durable and reliable vehicle through the alpine folds, unstoppable in the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and can maintain the drive even through the remote Serengeti tough slippery roads. For over 30 years of its operations, the land rover has never changed its appearance from the first hard shell known old fashioned which has made tougher to date. The Land Rover Defender is common with many African countries, in making, Defender was designed to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Class and have proved than what was meant for.

Land Cruiser Prado

These are widely available in many African country, they are available for clients of all classes right from the economy to high-end tourists. The Land Cruiser Prado range from TX, TZ available for travelers with low budgets especially mid-class travelers. As well fleets of GX, VX, and V8 these are luxurious land cruiser Prado fleets, are as well used to cruise through all terrain of Africa. These fleets are perfect for rooftop tent camping in the wild and as well customized for safaris with a pop-up to offer travelers an amazing moment of a wider game viewing.

Land cruiser 70s series

The main game cruiser, these are customized vehicle to enable through the all-African terrain. Among the ranges of the Land Cruiser 70s ranges these include the 70, 76 and 79 series. For such an amazing adventure this selection was chosen to be the master of all-terrain and customized by stretching them to 9 capacity carriage. The upgrades of the 70s series had not done much with the exterior rather interior has improved the ability. These are perfect for game viewing full body cover having a pop-up and the open series are so common to doing game drives in various parks and reserves across African.

Nissan Patrol

The front of Nissan Patrol resembling that of land cruiser 70 series, and Land Rover Defend. These series were made to compete on the market and have proved capable not to compete but to make you reach all your desired end points. The Patrol interior Wagon variants have a carrying capacity between 600kg, but the seating arrangement enable them carrying up to 6 passengers.