Self-Drive Holidays in East Africa

Car Rental in Uganda & Self Drive Road Trip

An African self- drive safari is an incredible and fascinating place to explore. With plenty of impressive wildlife and crowd of diverse sceneries to discover, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your East African safari trip. Imagine driving amongst some of the world’s most naturally beautiful landscapes in search of elusive, majestic wildlife.

Self -drive in Rwanda for gorilla safaris

Known as the land of a thousand hills, or the remarkable Rwanda, we are always in surprise of just how naturally astonishing Rwanda’s landscapes are. Tripping to this remote destination will provide you with one of the greatest benefits in the world seeing wild, endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Rwanda gorilla safaris are done in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

A gorilla safari in Rwanda

When it is your first time to meet these gentle giants in Volcanoes National Park, it is hands down, one of a-life-time experience you can ever have – witnessing their peaceful nature and calmness is simply life changing opportunity.

With only a limited number of permits each day, all at a cost of $1500 per person, gorilla trekking is remarkable complete and beyond belief, so your time with these magnificent gorillas will certainly be special.

Finding the Gorillas

Locating and reaching the gorillas is quite a delight, the local guides and ranges will lead you deep into the thick rain forest of this national park. Sometimes it may depend how much time it takes to locate these creatures, it can take anything from 30 minutes to 8 hours. We think that the trek is a huge part of the experience, a chance to explore the depths of virgin African rain forest.

When the gorillas are located, you have to keep a distance of 7 meters and you are given a maximum of only one hour to observe and watch them do their daily activities and while you take pictures and videos, please keep the flash off.

Though hiking through the lush jungle of Virunga Mountains does require a certain level of fitness, we promise it is worth every moment and these odd creatures are captivating to observe.

The park has got luxury lodges all with sublime views over the misty mountain forest. The park is just a two-hour drive from capital Kigali, so Rwandan gorilla trekking can be done on just a two-day side trip from a Kenya or Tanzania safari, although this park is so beautiful, you’ll want to stay longer.

Self-drive in Kenya for wildlife safaris

A self-drive wildlife safari in Kenya is superior, and one of our favourites for viewing incredible wildlife. The country is just so iconic when it comes to safaris, their Savannah parks and conservancies shelter just about every African species of charismatic mega-fauna form elephants, rhinos and millions strong herds of wildebeest to the predators that purse them.

Therefore, planning for self drive in Kenya you need to book in advance with some of the local car rental agencies that offers well maintained 4×4 rooftop tent jeep offering great opportunity of staying in amazing wilderness.

Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

The Masai Mara National Reserve is definitely the main point of Kenya’s National Parks, no doubt about it. Few places on earth support such high concentrations of animals, and the Mara’s wildebeest spotted Savannah are undeniably the region’s star attraction.

Impressive at any time of the year it is at its best between July and September when around a million migrating wildebeest and thousands of topis, zebras and others pour into the reserve from Tanzania in search of the fresh grass generated by the rains.

It is arguably, the most spectacular wildlife shows on the planet and the one thing that no visitor to Kenya should even consider missing.

The Mara River

Pods of hippos can be found in any of the major rivers, with the largest and most permanent concentrations occurring in the Mara River. The river is also home to huge Nile crocodiles and is the scene where wildebeest make their fateful crossing during the migration.

The Central Plains

The southeast area of the park, bordered by the Mara and Sand Rivers is characterized by rolling grassland and low isolated hills. With the arrival of the migration, the herds of wildebeest and zebras all graze here.

The riverine forests that border the Mara and Talek Rivers are great places to spot elephants, buffaloes and bush bucks. Leopards are sometimes seen near the Talek and Sand Rivers and around the Keekorok valleys.

Rhino Ridge and Paradise Plains

Rhino Ridge is a good area to see black-backed jackals as they are known to use the old termitaria here for den sites. Lookout Hill is worth a detour as it offers phenomenal views over the seasonal Olpunyaia Swamp. You may also get lucky and spot one of the few black rhinos that inhabit they inhabit the reserve anywhere between Lookout Hill and Rhino Ridge and in the vicinity of roan hill.

Besides, Maasai Mara National Reserve, there is so much more to explore around the other National Parks. Their naturally beautiful landscapes are teeming with wildlife. You can also visit Amboseli National Park to view its signature attraction is the sight of hundreds of big-tusked elephants set against the backdrop of Africa’s best views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Africa’s highest peak broods over the southern boundary of the park. Apart from guaranteed elephant sightings, you will also see wildebeest and zebras and you have a reasonable chance of spotting lions and hyenas. The park is also home to over 370 bird species.

Don’t out miss Samburu National Reserve’s unique species of well-known animals. Elephants are spotted below, hippos, and you are never too far from lions or leopards. But a safari in Samburu is more about going off the beaten track than ticking off a list of sights. Come to explore nature untamed and come to discover ancient tribal lifestyles.


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