According to the 2002 census, Christians made up about 85 percent of Uganda’s population. The Roman Catholic Church had the largest number of adherents (41.9 percent), followed by the Anglican Church of Uganda (35.9 percent). Adventist, Evangelical, Pentecostal, and other Protestant churches claimed most of the remaining Christians, although there was also a small Eastern Orthodox community. The next most reported religion of Uganda was Islam, with Muslims representing 12.1 percent of the population.

The Muslim population is primarily Sunni. There are also minorities who are Shia (7 percent), Ahmadiyya (4 percent), and those that are non-denominational Muslims, Sufi Muslims.

The remainder of the population according to the 2002 census followed traditional religions (1.0 percent), Baha’i (0.1 percent), other non-Christian religions (0.7 percent), or had no religious affiliation (0.9 percent).

The Northern Region, including the West Nile sub-region, is predominantly Catholic, while the Iganga District in eastern Uganda has the highest percentage of Muslims. The rest of the country has a mix of religious affiliations.