The wired and wireless telecommunication industry in Egypt started in 1854 with the launch of the country’s first telegram line connecting Cairo and Alexandria.

The first telephone line between the two cities was installed in 1881. In September 1999 a national project for a technological renaissance was announced reflecting the commitment of the Egyptian government to developing the country’s IT-sector.


Cellular GSM services were first launched in Egypt in 1996. As of June 2011, it is currently offering 2G/3G/4G services, 4G LTE services were under trials, officially launched in 2016. Egypt currently has 4 companies offering cellular services:

Orange Egypt owned by Orange S.A.

Vodafone Egypt, owned by Vodafone and Telecom Egypt

Etisalat Egypt, owned by Emirates Telecommunication Corporation

Telecom Egypt, operating as WE Egypt and owned by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Egypt)

Egypt Post

Egypt Post is the company responsible for postal service in Egypt. Established in 1865, it is one of the oldest governmental institutions in the country.

Egypt is one of 21 countries that contributed to the establishment of the Universal Postal Union, initially named the General Postal Union, as signatory of the Treaty of Bern.