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From our past travels emerged our civilization, travel is shaping today’s civilization and our future will rest on travel, travel and travel. Africa must rise from its potential level to command its worth on global scale. Information impacts decisions made by stakeholders to influence developments in travel and tours which ultimately leads to a new civilization. Blogging on Africa travels is a powerful instrument intended to serve as engine head for development of travels and tours in nations on the African Continent


  •  To provide effective information for consumption of travelers for safe, flawless and fast travels to and from African destinations and within Africa.
  • To mobilize and launch necessary support for successful takeoff of sustainable development of the travel industry and tourism in Africa.
  • To serve as free and available travel adviser to any intending traveler to and out of Africa at the tip of their fingers.
  • To inform African travelers, tourists and investors of opportunities that exist in the global travel market at best value for money.
  • To highlight the potential of travels and their associated impacts on tourism, businesses etc as the obvious driver of economic development in Africa.
  • To make travel in and out of African destinations attractive, flawless, safe and easy.
  • To avail travelers, operators, investors of critical information and means beneficial to taking right decisions towards travels.
  • To promote leisure travels in Africa within and outside country borders for development of tourism and well being of citizens.
  • To use travels to diversify economic development of African countries.
  • To harness the hitherto untapped potential of tourism in Africa.

Our Values

  • To use technology to move African travels and tourism to the next efficiency level of practices comparable to any round the world.
  • To facilitate sustainable development of travels and tourism in Africa on back of a rich cultural and natural heritage.
  • To use examples from across the globe to motivate developments in African tourism and travels.


Travelafricablog.com is an open window forum to promote dialogue and awareness on travel and tourism to develop Africa considering its rich and unique cultural and natural diversity, yet unexplored.

We are web-based multi-level platform and window on travel and tourism information reporting (national, continental and global) managed by enthusiastic and dedicated travel         professionals.

Travel Africa blog offers to its readers objective real time assessments forum to discuss and share views on all issues, non political and developmental to benefit development in African travels and tourism.


To promote and facilitate travels within, to and from Africa for sustainable economic and social development.


  • To make Travelafricablog.com a major platform that drives tourism development in Africa.
  • To be the most popular travel Apps for travels and tours in Africa.
  • To serve as the vanguard of African tourism.
  • To be instrumental driver to development of tourism and growth of travels across Africa.
  • To lead in developing awareness towards unfolding potentials for tourism in Africa.
  • To be the bedrock of reliable views and information on Africa travels as well as other travel experiences that may be beneficial to African travelers, investors and governments.
  • To serve as a major mobilization tool for stakeholders to make Africa travels safe, seamless, efficient and vibrant.
  • To serve as free and available travel adviser to any intending traveler to and out of Africa at the tip of their fingers.


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