What to Pack for Uganda Self Drive Safari Vacation.

Self Drive in Uganda

Uganda is one of the popular destinations in the Eastern part of Africa which you can explore by use of self drive means of traveling since road transport services take up a big percentage as far as being used in Uganda Safari vacations although other means which include air transport means and water transport means are also used but at a lesser percentage when compared to road transport means.

Geographically Uganda is located in the Eastern part of the African continent bordered by Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North, Rwanda in the South west, Tanzania in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

Its climate is more of tropical characterized with thick tropical rain forests although other eco systems which include mountainous areas, swamps, montane forests, Alpine forests, riverine forests, bogs, shrubs, marshes and bamboo forests also appear.

Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” usually experiences two seasons per year which include dry and rainy seasons, central region of Uganda is dominated by rainy season for most of the months while the northern region is dominated by dry seasons although it receives some rainfall but at a lesser percentage during some months of the year.

Uganda is characterized with different good conditioned routes heading to its different regions thus favoring proper accessing of its major sightseeings, these routes are both marrum and tarmacked.

When I talk about Uganda self drive Safari vacation, in simple terms I mean that you are going to explore and discover Uganda’s natural beauty by means of going Self driving and this involves hiring a suitable 4×4 wheel drive Safari jeep with 4×4 Car hire Uganda, the leading car rental company in Uganda and go self driving to Uganda’s major sightseeings which include National Parks, Sanctuaries and Game reserves plus other exciting places.

Planning to explore Uganda on self drive listed below are the major basic requirements you should not forget to pack for the successful progressing of your Self drive vacation in Uganda which is mostly known for being Africa’s Pearl.

Valid passport.

This is mainly required when seeking for entry permission at the customs, this is considered to be the main foundation of your journey to Uganda because failure to present it at the customs don’t even hope or think of being issued with entry permission to Uganda.

What qualifies this permit to be valid is the months left to its expiration date, whereby for Uganda your permit is required to be valid for six months up to its expiration date, therefore if the months are less your permit will be considered to be invalid.

Yellow fever vaccination card.

This is another requirement needed at the customs for entry permission whereby it verifies you at the customs that you are free from yellow fever disease and no any traveler will be allowed in without this card, this card must be signed by a doctor from your home country recommending and confirming that you are free from yellow.

Presentation of false documents at the customs leads to imprisonment and being deported back to your home country so you have to be very careful.

Valid driving license.

Since this vacation involves driving your self if you have not hired a driver, the person driving in Uganda is required to be with a valid driving license according to Uganda’s traffic laws gazetted, therefore with this notice do not forget to pack your valid driving license in your wallet because failure to present it the operator will not issue you a Car unless you hire a driver.

If you are found driving in Uganda with out a valid driving license you will be entitled to some charges after even being detained in custody because of failure to go by the rules stipulated.

Enough pocket money.

Reserve your self enough pocket money for backup while in the field in case of any problem which requires financial support, you can either come with your money in cash or carry your Visa card and withdraw from any outlet when you reach Uganda.

Its advised that when you carry your Visa card, withdraw money for use before leaving major towns and cities where banking services are located or if you come with your money in cash form but in your home country currency its better you change to Uganda currency before leaving major towns where Forex beaurals are located.

Camping gears.

If you are going to go Self driving while camping in Uganda’s major sightseeings which include National Parks, Sanctuaries and game reserves its better you pack your self some camping gears or if you see it to be bulky for you on the traveling journey.

Its better you leave it whereby when you reach in Uganda you can hire these Camping gears with 4×4 Car hire Uganda at affordable prices provided you will be able to maintain these equipment’s in their same state as there are given to you.

Mobile phone.

Don’t forget a mobile phone for use while in the field like communicating with your operators for help or rescue in case of any problem with the Car or getting lost on the way.

It’s advised that when you reach Uganda buy a local sim card and insert it in your phone for use while in the field because when you tend to use your foreign sim card, network problems may be experienced plus high credit charges.

When you buy a sim card in Uganda you will be required to register it in your names using your valid passport.

If you are not able to bring your mobile phone please before leaving for field ask it from your operator who is renting the Safari jeep to you and its even more better you inform them about it in advance.

Protective wearing gears.

Most of Uganda’s activities performed are adventurous and these include Mountain Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, Golden monkey tracking, Mountain hiking, Game drives, launch trip cruise and more.

Therefore these activities require some protective wearing gears which include strong impenetrable hiking shoes, long slieved shirts and trouser, insect repellents, gloves, sunglasses and capes, nose capes, shockings, Water proof bags and jackets to protect your self from characterized mud, thorns and hooks, skin scratches, biting insects like tsetse flies, mosquitoes, bees and more, finger scratches, heavy sunshine and dust, and rainfall water respectively.

Enough snacks.

Pack your self enough snacks to eat while on your Uganda self drive safari vacation, it’s advised that you pack snacks which can stay for long periods of time when still in a good state. Perishable snacks are usually carried in reservoirs which can keep them in a good state for some time.

Good Cameras.

Planning for your Uganda self drive vacation and love photos its better you pack your self good quality Cameras for collection of photos for different exciting attractions and places in Uganda because this country is recorded with different natural sceneries.

Water proof bags.

Its better you carry your self water proof bags to protect your gadgets like Cameras, phones, taps and more from rainfall water in case it rains while on some activities like Mountain hiking, Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, Golden monkey tracking and more.


In full its Global positioning system, it helps in locating different places provided there are listed on the World map. You can either pack this device for your self or hire it with 4×4 Car hire Uganda when you reach in Uganda at affordable prices.

Leisure time gadgets.

Pack your self some gadgets which you can use during your free time when resting at your place of residence and these gadgets include personal computers, taps, mobile phones and more.


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