Travel in Uganda with Budget Car Rental Services

Uganda Self Drive

Do you want to travel in Uganda with budget car rental services? 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA is a leading and the most convenient car rental company that offers the most affordable and budget car rental services in Uganda. The company will plan and organize your safari thoroughly well like the way you may want it to be and remember that booking with 4X4 Car Hire Uganda, you are guaranteed to get more than your money.

Do you want to travel in Uganda on a luxury, mid-range, or budget? 4×4 Car Hire Uganda will offer you with anything that is destined to suit your appropriate sort of travel, let it be budget, mid-range, or luxury. The company provides a wide range of comfortable vehicles for hiring in Uganda, such as; extended land cruisers, land cruiser TX, land cruiser VX, land cruiser GX, land cruiser V8, Rav4, super custom, coaster buses, and safari vans.

The above vehicles have different price rates depending on the type but if you are a budget traveler, you are recommended to book the vehicles with cheaper prices which will suit your budget trip, such as; the Rav4 of which its prices per day range from US$ 45 to US$ 55, depending on the number of days you are to spend with it and on where you will be heading to and also on your negotiations with the company. All of the company’s fleets are of not only good but best quality and never expect any remedy in your trip as far as the fleets quality is concerned.

The company provides good services and at affordable prices such as; airport pick-ups and also organize chauffeur driven and self-drive safaris, and expect great memorable escapades once booked with 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA. All the company’s fleets are insured (under insurance) but if a traveler drives carelessly and recklessly and cause great damages on the vehicle, you will also be charged a surcharge of US$ 1000 for transporting the vehicle back from the particular Park/place that you will be in since insurance doesn’t include transporting the car from the crime scene.

Therefore to avoid paying these extra charges, you are highly advised to drive carefully especially on the poor roads in the national parks, or order for one experienced local driver-guide from 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA to drive you safely, because the local driver-guides are aware of the poor roads in Uganda and know best how to pass through them without the vehicle rolling-over as it is a major case for tourists on self-drive safaris.

Why to get injuries on your body and pay the extra charges on your trip yet you will have come to have fun? Just order for one driver-guide who will not only drive you safely but also be guiding you on various occasions and narrates to you good vibes about Africa and Uganda, as they are very friendly and co-operative, hence attaining a greater experience in Uganda and Africa at large. Contact 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA earlier, order for a good fleet together with a driver-guide and expect a successful and joyous yet cheap safari in Uganda.

The national parks in Uganda have very good accommodations that you will stay in and for the case of the budget travelers, the company will ensure that it books for you a best budget accommodation to stay in and get a luxury feel besides you being in budget. Or you (budget traveler) can also opt for the most enjoyable and cheapest method of traveling and exploring Uganda in budget, whereby you go with a full set of camping gear in the national park and get the true feeling of the African continent living in the bush with the wild animals amid a very stiff security from the Park rangers.

The camping sites in the Parks are very secure and don’t be afraid of anything to camp there and get a chance to hear the roaring of the lions in the jungle and the screaming of Uganda’s various bird species. All the required camping gear is provided by your beloved car rental company. Book a car from 4X4 CAR HIRE UGANDA for memorable, accurate, fantastic, and cheap safaris in Uganda.


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