Long Term Car Rental: Best Way to Drive Across Uganda

Selfdrive Uganda

Long term car rental is probably the best way to drive across Uganda. This to be considered as long term, it must be between one month to three months. This comes with a lot of benefits and discounts to the client. This kind of car rental may be on self-drive terms or with a driver.

long term car rental is the perfect package for business travellers, projects, research, photography among other duties that may require you to stay for a while. All the rental cars are always serviced after every road trip plus the drivers are well versed with route knowledge about most of the destinations around Uganda.

With long term car rental in Uganda, you get the opportunity of owning the car for the duration of your rental. For the period you stay with the car, you own the car and in charge of it. For as long as you have cleared the rental fees, no one will claim the car from you until the end of the rental period. Use this car at your own pace with all the authority as if it’s your own.

You will be able to drive this car with unlimited mileage. You can drive as far as you desire, without any restrictions and yet it comes with less expense.

This kind of car hire service gives you the opportunity to fuel the car depending on the length of your road trip you intend to cover while the insurance, driver and car maintenance costs will also be sorted at the same time.

Long term hire services are the best for you to opt in case of convenience. It is convenient as it comes with easier access for a car at any time it is needed. You can embark on your road trip at your own convenient time. The other interesting bit of it is that, for the entire contract signed between you and the car hire provider, you get opportunity to enjoy your journey to any destination of your choice till you return as long as it is with in the agreement you made.

With long car hire, you are guaranteed of comfort and what makes a road trip enjoyable is when you are in your comfort. When it comes to travel, everyone needs a comfortable safari or road trip to and fro and not be left in regrets.

If you are staying in Uganda for several months or more, renting a vehicle can be cheaper than relying on public transportation or hiring taxis on a daily basis. It can also save you money on other expenses, such as accommodation, as you can stay in more affordable locations that are not necessarily located in the city centre.

The most common options include sedan (Toyota Premio), Toyota Rav4, Toyota land cruiser Prado TX, Toyota land cruiser V8 and many others. Choosing a vehicle is important to consider your specific needs and preferences. For example, if you plan on traveling to remote areas of the country, a 4×4 vehicle might be the best option. Sedans are mostly used for city tours and short term rentals.

With long term rentals, you are free to customize your travel schedule without any worry of using public means of transport. This makes the all of your travel journey flexible since it real gives you the opportunity to choose what you want.

Drivers for long term rentals are well informed about all destinations in the country and can express themselves in English and as well translate to you the local language. Although we do our best to have our drivers well trained we may understand in case you are not satisfied with the driver and in such situations we do offer a replacement driver.  One can as well opt for a self-drive rental for the long term rental option.

When you rent a car on a long term basis, you will easily qualify for a discount on car hire which does make sure you do get to have a rewarding experience at a subsided car rental rate. These discounts help you minimize the costs you would incur while on short term car rental services.


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